A management program over four years (120 credits) with options in finance and accounting, strategic management and project management, economics and entrepreneurship.


An engineering program over five years (150 credits) with options in civil, electrical and computer engineering incorporating exit projects such as the creation of new software, new methods of construction and other innovative projects. Engineering students will be working on these and other projects starting in the first year. Those students who are unable to complete the program can obtain a technologist certificate in their selected field of study.


A technology program with options in graphics and multimedia, networks, computer security, technology management, management information system, web technology and computer programming will be offered through an accumulation of certificates over four years (120 credits).

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Applied Math

The bachelor of science in Applied and computational mathematics is geared towards students who want to become professional mathematicians. Through the program, students will be capable of solving problems in science, technology, engineering, business and the likes. Moreover, they will be able to translate mathematical thoughts into real solutions for everyday problems. From building models to manipulating data, these students will form a solid cohort of avant-garde thinkers and doers to apply public policies to daily operations in any scope of a sustainable project.


HOU will offer a master in Education with three concentrations for the aspiring students:

  • Educational Leadership: for those who want to become school leaders and administrators, especially principal and vice principal and other higher education administrators. They will work on school finance, school law, and teachers, supervision, etc.
  • Educational Research: for those interested in research inquiry and publication. The HOU graduate school of Education will launch a peer-reviewed journal on Haiti education issues as a platform to encourage scholarship in the field. Students whose goals are getting into academia as professors and future PhD students are encouraged to take this path.
  • Math Education: for those who want to teach mathematics in high school levels. The concentration will provide both deeper content in math and the necessary pedagogical tools to make mathematics a more accessible subject.

Why a Masters in Education @ HOU?

In Haiti, higher education remains unattainable despite the proliferation of universities and institutes all over the landscape of post-secondary education. Given the poor quality of basic education, the cohorts made up of the country’s most affluent youth constitute a human capital lacking the necessary preparation to pursue post-secondary education, given the rigor and excellence required by such an endeavor. The few students who meet the standards of admission are not better served because of the mediocre quality of a university education undermined by inadequate curricula, ineffectual faculty, and the strikes and political demonstrations that very often disrupt the regularly scheduled courses. Obviously, such conditions will not enable Haiti to close the 25-year knowledge and know-how gap between the Caribbean countries and North America in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (see OAS report, 2012). Paradoxically, this country benefits from enviable demographics: 43% of the population are under the age of 18, according to the projections of the Haitian Institute of Statistics and Informatics (IHSI, 2015).

Yet conditions are such that the country continues to suffer from an ongoing brain drain.

Continuing Education

Continuing education programs leading to university diplomas and certifications in several fields will also be available, according to the needs of the participants. These continuing education programs will be offered on campus and online in the areas of management, technology, languages, and education leading to university degrees and industry certifications. These courses will also be delivered face-to-face in the form of seminars and workshops, during the afternoons and on weekends, to encourage the participation of professionals and business executives and teachers looking for professional development.

Haiti Open University

The UHSF is a private, secular and not-for-profit institution, with the mandate of offering the possibility of a quality college education for all, the cornerstone of a social project that, over the long term, will remediate the social fractures that the Haitian population is experiencing.

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