Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision

The UHSF is a not-for-profit post-secondary institution offering training in the areas of management, technology, and engineering. Its ultimate goal is to contribute to the emergence of a society based on equal opportunities, principles of human diversity and excellence through comprehensive and relevant training. In addition to its commitment to social justice and individual self-fulfillment, this University is unique in promoting a top-quality education for all based on these principles.

Goals and Principles

Ten major guiding principles constitute this vision of a high-quality education for all, the realization of which involves meeting the challenges of offering programsof excellence in a socio-economically precarious environment that has serious lacks in terms of both human and financial capital. It is these latter factors that represent the main roadblocks to providing open access to a quality education. To mitigate these challenges, our training philosophy is defined as follows:

  • Relevant to the milieu, so graduates will become agents of the change that Haiti needs by integrating Haitian culture, language, and social and legal framework into the program design;
  • Excellent and open to the world so that students can be competitive in the global market;
  • Focused on problem-solving skills that will allow students to ask relevant questions, compile the appropriate literature and best practices, and develop adapted solutions to the physical and human environment being examined;
  • Multidimensional and interdisciplinary in order to meet the current challenges that require a panoramic and holistic view of the contexts in which the graduates will be functioning;
  • Focused on critical thinking and creativity, as students must be enabled to challenge the status quo and contest the orthodoxies, while respecting proven and established norms, to sustainably solve the challenges contemporary societies are facing;
  • Sustainable: we aim at helping students develop an awareness of global challenges and to engage in concrete actions both individually and collectively for a healthier and more user-friendly planet, beginning with their own immediate environment;
  • Community-based: students will serve the community in a committed and passionate way by working toward a sense of collective well-being;
  • Respectful of human diversity by promoting respect for individual and religious freedoms and differences related to sexual orientation, race, and cultural identity;
  • Avant-garde: students will use innovative approaches, methods, and techniques to advance their field of knowledge by doing basic and applied research;
  • Entrepreneurial: students will work together to build start-ups, create value-added solutions and create new markets.