ERASMUS: Staff mobility

We are pleased to announce that Gazi University, Turkey and Haïti Open University, Haiti have signed a staff mobility agreement funded by the Erasmus program. For now, only mathematics professors are invited to send an application to get this fund – be one per University. The selection committee – Dr. Bathelemy Bolivar, Dr. Claude Villiers, Dr. Katsia Cadeau and Professor Irene Garand – expects to receive all applications from  June 21 through July 9, 2021 and final decisions will be me made and sent to all applicants by June 12, 2021. Only one applicant will be selected at the end of the process. 

During teaching staff mobility each participant should lecture for 8 hours in 5 days. Every day he should give at least one lesson. This 8 hour lesson should be documented by the beneficiary in his certificate or mobility agreement. If the participant cannot prove his lesson hours with his documents, HEI is authorized to take back the entire grant from him.

Payment to Staff

Sending Institution

Receiving Instiitution

Staff Mobility Grant per Day

Gazi University

Haiti Open University

180 €

Haiti Open University

Gazi University

140 €


Travel grant is calculated according to the distance between the city of origin and host city.

Travel Grant from Haiti to Ankara: 1500 €

Travel Grant from Ankara to Haïti: 1500 €

The criteria are outlined below:

1. Be a Mathematics Professor at HOU

2. Be available to travel  for an 8-day period before July 2022 

3. Submit a complete application ( 1. Mobility agreement for teaching  2. Application form  – available upon request  3. Current CV) by email at bbolivar(at) by June 9, 2021.